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Where all crypto projects come to a dead end.
Here is the god among cryptocurrencies

A community-focused & decentralized network created by God Shiba himself. A charity token to aid all the living things on planet earth.



18 decimals 

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God Shiba has always been watching over us and he noticed that there are a lot of animals and people who need help in this world.

So God Shiba assigned a team of semi-gods to deploy the network on earth. To help the ones in need, the tokens will be distributed by the following summary:



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What is God Shiba?

There have been cryptocurrencies for over a decade. But now there is God Shiba, god among crypto. A new crypto that has always been here in spirit but just now decided to show itself!


God Shiba is different than other tokens because he truly rewards his followers with staking, a daily lottery and lots to come! It's truly decentralized, fast and most importantly God Shiba will be giving out money both to those in need and his loyal followers

We care about the planet.
Take here a look at our charity program



God Shiba takes care of his true
followers. That is why he provides staking reflections for holders of God Shiba. By holding GSHIB tokens you will automatically earn more tokens. (3% at every transaction)

The tokenomics of God Shiba state that 0.5% of every trade goes to the lottery wallet. This allows God Shiba to acquire a big fortune destined to go to community members. He'll host competitions and pick out lucky winners. The possibilities are endless, but all outcomes reward the bold, the brave and the strong.

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God Shiba was founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts from the Netherlands. Their goal is to create a token that helps those in need while rewarding it's holders.

In a short time they managed to build a vast network of experts with various connections and know-how on blockchain projects. The team is working in absolute harmony and the spirit is high. With veteran Marketing Officers, Content Creators, Community Managers and IT-Experts, God Shiba is set for greatness.


The team vows to be transparent and open.

If you have any questions, just contact us

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► What is God Shiba?

God Shiba is the god of all tokens. A network made by blockchain enthusiasts. 

► What are the tokenomics?

1,000,000,000 GSHIB were created.
The rest you can find in the tokenomics section

► What about God Shiba Merchandise?

Yes we are proud to announce that our merchandize is live. Grab your God Shiba gear here

► Is there a public sale?

Yes there is going to be a public.
Take a look at our roadmap 

► Are you rewarding holders?

With every transaction 0,5% transaction fee goes to a daily lottery. 

► Do you have any fan-art or NFT's?

Working on it! Coming soon..